Handle A Bed Bug Infestation On Your Yacht

Operating an overnight yacht service requires much more than making sure that your guests are entertained throughout the excursion. Cabins need to be sanitized in between trips and if a bed bug infestation is discovered in one of the sleeping quarters, you must act quickly to prevent the pests from spreading to the rest of the rooms. Bed bugs are often transported via luggage or packaging. These pests look for warm, dark spaces to hide and are somewhat difficult to detect, unless a thorough inspection is performed.

Quarantine The Premises

Once bed bugs have been discovered, block off the rooms that are adjacent to the one that contains the pests and avoid making reservations on the watercraft, until the pest infestation has been treated. Spotting bed bugs is not a sign of dirtiness or contamination and these pests can be found in places that are immaculate. The parasites tend to feed on human and animal blood and can cause lesions on skin, resulting in an itchy rash.

Do not feel embarrassed or discouraged by the fact that there are bed bugs on your yacht. You do not need to reveal this information to anyone, other than your exterminator. For the time being, postpone your next voyage, limit your staff and current guests to spending time in alternate areas of the boat, and contact the owner of a pest control company to assist with destroying the pests and preventing a future infestation.

Know What To Look For

Bed bugs possess seed-shaped bodies and are relatively small in size. If you are fairly certain that the insects that you have spotted are bed bugs, you should still make certain that this is true, by having the pests identified during an inspection and pesticide application appointment. When a room is inspected, furnishings or decor that contains small crevices will be assessed.

Concentrated lighting may be used to illuminate dark corners in a room. This will help an exterminator locate the nest that the bugs are residing in. Once a pesticide is sprayed, you may be advised to keep the room off limits for several hours. Afterward, clean the fixtures, furnishings, and linens that are in the room. During the inspection process, an exterminator will check out other rooms that are on the watercraft, to ensure that they are pest free.

It won't hurt to clean each room thoroughly, once the inspection is complete. This will give you the satisfaction that each room is in excellent condition and ready to be rented out to people who would like to go on the next overnight adventure. Learn more about bed beg treatment today. 

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