The Triple-Faceted Area of Focus in Commercial Pest Management

Regardless of what type of business you operate, pests are something that should be managed correctly. Pests can be responsible for property damage, be a health concern, and even give your business a poor reputation. Commercial pest management services are familiar with treating pest issues in larger commercial environments. With specific areas of knowledge and specialized skills, the specialized pest control services usually take a triple-faceted approach to help a business owner with pest management.

Here is a look at three primary areas of focus in commercial pest management. 

Pest Identification

Before the pest management company will actually start eliminating pests, they will first do a thorough investigation of the property. During this investigation, technicians will be looking for signs of certain kinds of pests and documenting what it is they find. For example, if there are signs of cockroaches, the technician will notate what kind of roaches they see, where they are located in the building, and how severe the issue is. This detailed investigation gives the technician a total look at the problem so they can proceed with other areas of pest management. 

Pest Eradication

With knowledge about the present pests in the building and where they are located, the technician will then get to work eradicating the pests as much as possible. The eradication process can involve different methods according to the type of pests you have in your place of business. For example, you may see the pest management employees: 

  • Using products and methods to directly eliminate pests
  • Setting traps to catch some types of pests 
  • Working to eliminate pests around the building outside 

The eradication process is not usually a one-and-done thing; instead, the process can take several weeks or months, and in rare cases, will be ongoing. 

Pest Prevention

Pest prevention is a major part of pest management services, and it can help prevent ongoing or future problems with pests your business building may be prone to dealing with. Multiple efforts will be made to prevent pest re-entry, such as using specific deterring agents inside the building and sealing off access points. Providing training materials to help business employees negate pest problems through certain actions can also help with pest prevention. For instance, the pest management company may give you information that can be passed along about proper cleaning procedures to negate issues with insects. 

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