What To Do About Pesky Slugs That Want To Party In Your Garden

Some individuals assume that pest control services only eradicate pesky bugs such as spiders and insects. The thought of rodents such as raccoons and mice may also enter your mind. You may not consider slugs, which are mollusks. Individuals who have gardens may be more familiar with what a nuisance slugs can be. Some individuals enjoy walking in their gardens bare feet or with open-toed shoes. A great morning or day can be ruined in an instant if your foot comes into contact with a squishy slug. If you have concerns regarding slugs and your garden, the following points will help you understand measures that you can take to eradicate or discourage the reproduction of slugs in your garden.

Pay Attention to Watering Your Routine

Slugs are likely attracted to your garden due to the presence of water. However, your plants require water to grow and stay healthy. Some areas do not receive adequate rainfall, which makes watering essential for gardens to thrive. You can opt to limit your watering only as needed. You may also want to pay attention to the time of day and the temperature outside when you water your garden. Minimize the presence of slugs by watering your garden during the warmest portions of the day. You will get a double reward because your plants will receive adequate sunlight simultaneously. The sun will aid in evaporating the water that the slugs desire. 

Keep Things Clean

Keeping your garden clean is an effective measure at deterring slugs from wanting to inhabit it. Slugs desire water, but they also desire nourishment. These pests enjoy feeding off of weeds and other organic materials. They may even feast off of your treasured garden. If you have noticed slugs it is imperative that you wipe away the slimy trails they leave behind. Also, stay mindful of slug eggs. The eggs are an opaque color and usually covered with a slimy material produced by slugs. Clean the trails away with a mild detergent and rinse the surfactant away so it does not attract other slugs to the area. Clear away any eggs and dispose of them to ensure that slug reproduction deterred.

Ask a Professional

Sometimes even the best measures will not work to eradicate slugs. If this occurs, you can use a pest control service as a resource to get rid of the slugs. Pest control contractors can use products safe to use on plants. If you have a food garden, they can use methods that will not contaminate your food.

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