Taking Care Of Eight-Legged Pests In Your Home: What You Should Do

Spiders are pests that you may not want around you ever, no matter what type of spider it is. Spiders, even just one, can give you that creepy feeling like you have spiders crawling on you, even if you've just spotted one in your home. If you're spotting more than one in your home and you see them often, you may have a spider infestation. This can occur easily, as spiders can lay quite a few eggs, meaning a lot of spiders could appear in no time at all if you don't do something about them. If you are seeing a lot of spiders in your home, you need to take action. Read on for tips to kill these pests.

1. Clean Up Dark Spaces

Spiders like dark, dank areas of your home — think crawl space, basement, attic, or closets. Clean up these areas so you aren't giving them anywhere comfortable to live. Clean up boxes that you have stored on the floor, sweep and vacuum these areas, and store belongings in air-tight containers to keep these and other pests from getting into your belongings. Remove cob-webs and spiderwebs, and clear out other pests — dead or alive. 

2. Vacuum Often

Vacuum your home often, especially in corners and along baseboards. Vacuum beneath beds (yes, they could be here too), as well as in closets. Move around your belongings and vacuum all of these spaces as well. Move your furniture around often to vacuum beneath it.

3. Clean the Perimeter of Your Home

Clean the perimeter of your home to remove brush and overgrown landscaping that is growing too closely to your home. Spiders may be living in this brush or landscaping and then get up and into your home. Trim trees that are growing up and over your home as well, or growing too closely to your house. These are also areas where other pests can be living, which can lead them to your home, in addition to spiders.

4. Spray Peppermint

Spraying your home with peppermint essential oil can repel spiders and keep them at bay. It's a natural spray you can use anywhere in your home, including in the living spaces of your home. You can find essential oils at your local big box store, or purchase them online.

If you have spiders in your home, no matter what type, call a pest control company for help getting rid of them. Use the tips above to help you with spider control as well.

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