4 Questions Answered About Termite Infestations

Have you recently discovered that you have signs of a termite infestation in your home? Your first reaction will likely be to contact a professional pest exterminator, and you'll have a lot of questions for them about how the process will work. Here are some answers to common questions you likely have.

Will You Receive an Inspection First?

If you are not familiar with what to look for when identifying termites, maybe you don't have termites at all. It's possible to have a pest exterminator perform an inspection of your home before any work is done. Part of the inspection will involve identifying how termites are getting into the home, which will let the exterminator know how to prevent them from getting back inside once the pests are eliminated. They'll confirm that you have a termite problem, as well as what it will cost to get rid of them.

Do All Termite Treatments Cost the Same? 

There are a few factors that will determine how much termite treatments will cost. One of the biggest factors will be the linear footage of your home's perimeter. As you may assume, a larger home is going to have more area that needs to be sprayed with chemicals, which will cost more money to treat. You may also have a choice in which chemicals are used to treat the termites, with some chemicals being more expensive than others. 

Are There Concerns for Households with Pets When Exterminating Termites?

The exterminator will be using chemicals to spray around the exterior of your home to get rid of the termites. During this time, they'll ask for you to keep your pets contained so that they are not around the chemicals. It will take some time for the chemicals that they spray to bond with the soil, after which you can let your pets outside and know that they will be safe. 

Is There Any Guarantee for Keeping Termites Away?

You likely have concerns about bringing in a professional to get rid of the termites, only to have another infestation. It is worth asking about what sort of guarantee the termite exterminator offers. They could come back out for free to perform additional treatments during a specific time or give you the option to purchase an extended warranty that will cover you for multiple years. 

If your home is suffering from a termite infestation, contact local termite services right away.

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