Pest Control Tips For Dealing With Clover Mites In Your Yard And House

Clover mites are pests that can infest your yard and home. The good thing about these pests is they don't bite pets or humans, but the bad thing is they can infest your home in large numbers. The mites are so tiny that it's hard to keep them out of your house without pest control measures in place around your yard. Here are some tips for dealing with a clover mite infestation.

Close Gaps To The Inside Of Your Home

Clover mites can enter your home through gaps in the walls, windows, foundation, or roof. Seal as many large gaps as you can find. It may not be possible to block these pests completely since they are about the size of a pinhead. You may want to focus on the south and west sides of your home since the mites often gather there to be in the sun.

Keep Plants Away From Your Foundation

Rather than have a border of plants around your foundation, you might want a border of gravel or pavers instead. Mites are more likely to reach your home and climb the siding if there are plants or grass that grow next to your house. By placing a wide border of gravel, pavers, or even bare soil around your house, your home will have some protection from the pests.

Have Exterior Pest Control Treatments

Since clover mites prefer to live outdoors where they have a plentiful food supply, a pest control company may treat the exterior of your home when eliminating these pests. This kills them before they can enter your home and it keeps them from killing your lawn.

Remove Indoor Mites With A Vacuum

Your pest control provider might also treat the inside of your home to eliminate the mites if you have a large infestation. When mites get indoors, they tend to stay around windows and on the walls; this makes it easy to remove them with a vacuum wand. While the mites won't harm you, you don't want the pests swarming around your windows.

However, you don't want to smash them to kill them as clover mites have red color pigments in their bodies that leave a red stain behind if you smash them. So it's best to remove them or kill them in a way that doesn't smash and smear their pigment over your windows or walls.

Clover mites reproduce fast, so when they get established in your yard they can get out of control and infest your yard and house. Professional pest control treatments can get the infestation under control and the advice from an exterminator can help you reduce the risk of mites getting inside your house again.

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