2 Things An Exterminator Can Use To Get Rid Of Mice In Your House

No one wants to live outside in the wintertime when it's cold and snowy, and it can be hard to find food to eat. That is also the case for mice and other rodents. They are perfectly happy to come live in your nice, warm house where they can easily find food. You likely don't want to share your space with them. If you think that you have mice in your house, there are things that you can do. One of them is to call an exterminator. They will be able to give you some options when it comes to getting rid of the rodents that have decided to live with you. There are several things that they can do for you. 


One thing that the exterminator can do to help you is to give you supersonic devices that you can plug into outlets in your house. These devices emit a sound at a very high frequency. It's well above the hearing of humans and shouldn't bother your pets. What it will do is to help keep mice and rats away from your house. They can hear the sound, and they don't like it. The sound will work to drive them out and help repel them from coming into your house. 

Bait Stations

Another thing that the exterminator can do for you is to set up bait stations in and out of your house. These bait stations will have poisoned bait in them. There's something in the bait that will attract the rodents to eat them. If you put them outside, then it can hopefully keep them from coming into your house. If you are going to use poisoned bait, you will want to be very careful if you have pets. The same poisons that can kill mice and rats in or around your house can harm your pets as well, so have the exterminator put the bait somewhere that will be difficult for your pets to get to, and make sure that you know what kind of poison is going into the trap in case your pet does manage to get into it. 

You don't want to share your home with mice or rats that have snuck in from the wild. If you are concerned about them, contact an exterminator in your area to see what they can do for you. They will have several solutions that will work really well for you. 

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