Fall Spider Prevention Strategies To Use In And Around Your Home

Summer has ended, and there is a large population of insects and spiders that are now living outside in your yard. And when the weather changes in the fall to bring in cooler temperatures, it can also prompt the bugs to seek out warmth and places of shelter, such as inside your home. Here are some helpful tips you can use within your home and around its exterior to protect it from a spider infestation this season.

Keep Your Home Clean

One of the most important ways you can keep your home free of bugs and spiders is to keep it clean. The interior of your home can either attract bugs and insects or deter them by the presence of crumbs and other clutter. Food crumbs provide a food source for insects and other bugs, which, in turn, attract spiders because they create a food source for them. 

Sweep your kitchen floor on a daily basis and vacuum behind and around your fridge and stove regularly to pick up crumbs that can spill there. Also remove any clutter that is around your home, such as old newspapers, magazines, and other items that sit on the floor for a long period of time. Remove them and clean the floor, as they can provide a hiding place for insects and spiders to reside.

Use Protection Strategies

In addition to keeping your home interior clean, you can use pesticides and other traps to keep spiders and bugs as their food source out of your home. If you have pets inside your home, be careful with the types of pesticides and spray you use to combat spiders and insects so you protect your pets. However, you can apply a pesticide spray around the outside of your door frames and window frames. Focus heavily on the threshold of your doorway to create a barrier that will kill spiders that come into your home. 

Also look into sticky cards that you can set along the edges of your floors where spiders and insects tend to travel a lot. They will get stuck onto the adhesive and die.

You can also hire a professional spider control service to treat around the outside of your home to treat any infestation problems. Then, they can apply a treatment that is safe for humans and pets inside your home to repel and kill spiders and bugs that make their way inside.

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