3 Tips To Get Control Of Your Ant Problem

If you are experiencing an invasion of ants in your home, or in your yard or patio space, it can be exhausting. Ants seem to come out of nowhere and they can multiply like crazy. Just when you think you got rid of them, you notice more just a few short hours later. This is because these pests are colony insects and just because you killed a few of the worker ants doesn't mean there isn't an entire colony of worker ants laying in wait. If you have an invasion in or around your home, you need to do something to gain control of this issue. Read on for helpful tips.

1. Find Their Attractant

Ants are always in search of food and water for their colony and their queen, so if they are in your home or around your patio, they are finding what they're looking for. You need to find their attractant and either get rid of it or play keep away. If it's food in your pantry, for instance, you can't get rid of everything in the pantry, but you can put it all in containers for the time being to prevent the ants from getting into it. If you have ants on your patio and they are finding food on your patio furniture or on your area rug, you need to clean these spaces to prevent them from coming back. If it's your garbage, make sure you clean the garbage can and always use a bag in the can, whether it's an indoor garbage can or exterior garbage can.

2. Bait, Trap, And Kill The Ants

You are going to need to kill the ants that are already in your home. Even if you get rid of their attractant, they may still remain or find something worthwhile in your home. You need to set traps with baits and kill the ants you already have inside your house. Ant traps that you buy at the store can be used and are very useful, but you have to remember to change these traps often to keep the bait inside fresh. Using a spray around the perimeter of the house can also be useful. Spray around the baseboards of your home and along cabinets as well. When you see an ant, kill it.

3. Protect Your Home

These ants may end up returning to your home, so it's important to protect your home against these pests. Cleaning up clutter around your home's exterior can help prevent ants. Clutter such as landscaping debris, woodpiles, garbage, and rotting or dead trees can all attract ants, as well as other pests. Clean up this debris outside to protect your home. Protect your home inside by replacing seals around your doors and windows and cleaning your home often. Wipe down your kitchen after every meal, and every night. Sweep your floors often to clean up crumbs and vacuum your carpeting often as well.

These are just a few of the things you need to do to get control of your ant problem. Ants can be difficult to get rid of, so if you are having issues getting control of this pest problem, hire a professional to help you.

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