Scorpion Infestation: Tackle It From Multiple Angles

Nobody likes to find scorpions in their home. These creepy, crawly arachnids can be alarmingly large, and while their bites may not harm or cause serious damage to mature adults, they definitely hurt—and they can cause harm to children and pets. So, without question, you need to get rid of them. Since scorpions are stubborn and persistent, you need to attack the infestation from multiple angles. Here's what that looks like.

Have the interior and exterior perimeter sprayed with insecticides.

Have a pest control company come spray the interior and exterior of the home with insecticides. In other words, the perimeter of the foundation that is exposed above the ground should be sprayed. Your basement or foundation walls should also be sprayed. It's important to spray in these areas because scorpions typically like to travel in and out of the home through cracks, holes, and gaps in the exterior walls. They also like to crawl along the wall. Scorpions walk on the tips of their toes, so they do not have as much contact with any sprayed insecticides as other bugs. By having the entire wall sprayed, you increase the time scorpions actually spend walking through the insecticides, which helps ensure they are actually effective.

Clear firewood and debris away from the perimeter of your home.

Scorpions like to hide. If there are places for them to hide along the perimeter of your home, they'll hide in those places and then keep finding their way inside your home. So, to get rid of scorpions, you should walk around your house and clear away any debris. Rake leaves out of the garden beds. If there are any bushes against the side of your home, trim them back. If you store firewood anywhere near your home's exterior, move it.

Seal any gaps.

Scorpions can find a way to get into almost any home if they are desperate enough. However, if you seal all the gaps and cracks in your home that you can actually find, you will greatly reduce their options for gaining entry. Combined with the measures above, this should be enough to get rid of scorpions. The easiest way to do this is to grab a tube of expanding insulation and use it to fill the various cracks, gaps, and holes you find along your foundation walls. 

If you do the three things above, you can effectively get rid of scorpions. Contact a pest control company to learn more.

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