Pests Use These Routes Into The House

Pests are a terrible nuisance in any home, and certain rooms can face more problems than others. In fact, you may have noticed that some rooms in your house are totally infested while others only see sprinkles of insects.

Do you want to prevent the entrance of pests into your home? These are the areas you should pay the most attention to as you do your best to keep these pests away.

Doors and Windows

Pests enter the home through doors and windows, just like you do. Whether they fly or crawl, they can work their way in through small cracks and gaps in these areas as well. The first step in protecting your home from pests is to fill in these cracks and gaps.

If this does not work, you may need to strategically place pest deterrents in these areas. Pest control professionals understand how to work through these weak points, even though they may have to be open at times.

Small Holes in the Walls

It is also possible for pests to work their way into your home via very small holes and cracks in your walls. These small holes often form in the dark corners of closets, behind your laundry appliances, or within the cabinets of your kitchen or bathroom. Simply inspecting the walls may not allow you to find these holes.

Pest control professionals can help you pinpoint the areas where those holes might be and then determine the best way to target pests that might be using them.

Pipes and Drains

Many pests, especially insects, like water. They may use your pipes and drains as ways to sneak into your home. This can take a more aggressive approach, but professionals deal with the types of pests that work their way through your drains commonly, and they can use specific chemicals that help you get rid of these pests before they become a bigger problem.


The fireplace is another area that may get a lot of attention from pests. There are two ways in which this happens. First, the firewood you use can bring in pests from outside. Second, these pests can come in the top of your fireplace. In both cases, the outside of your home may require pest control treatment.

Contrary to what many people believe, you do not have to wait for a pest infestation to call a pest control company. Contact a pest control service today to learn more about your options for protecting your home.

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