Removing Spiders From The Confines Of Your Home

If you notice spiders and the webs they leave are making your home's interior look dirty, removing them properly helps to boost your home's appearance. While routine cleaning works at getting rid of spiders from corners and behind or under items, there are other steps to take to ensure they remain on the outside of your home.

Get Rid Of Food And Spiders Will Follow

If your home suffers from a high insect population during warmer months, spiders are likely to become nuisances as well. Spiders feed upon flies, mosquitoes, and other small insects. If they are not available, spiders move on to other areas in search of food. One of the best ways to rid your home of insects is to curb the amount of illumination you provide when it is dark outdoors. Keep exterior lights turned off or invest in low illuminatory lighting so bugs of all types do not congregate near doors and windows. If insects are a big problem, contact a pest control service for help.

Clean Your Home's Exterior And Check For Entryways

Even if you are only noticing spiders inside of your home, take the time to tend to the outside of your abode to keep spiders at a minimum. Use a broom to sweep away spiders that rest upon your home's siding, around light fixtures, and around windows. During the cleaning sessions, you conduct, check the outside of your home for possible areas where spiders are able to get inside. Add a door sweep to each of your doors, place window weather stripping around panes of glass, and fill in any damaged siding pieces with expandable foam or caulk as a quick fix until you can get a repair service to install new materials.

Consider The Use Of Spider Traps And Pest Control Agents

If spiders inside your home do not cease to exist with simple cleaning efforts, use sticky traps to aid in spider removal. Place these inside corners, along shelves, inside boxes, and along the floor's perimeters in each room. Check them regularly and replace them with new traps when they are full of dead spiders or if they are no longer sticky. Pest control agents are also available to kill spiders effectively. These come in the form of sprays and need to be applied every few days until spiders are no longer present. Do not use them in areas where children or pets frequent.

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