Have A Mice Infestation? Follow These Tips To Get Rid Of Them

Are you finding evidence that mice are in your home and not sure what to do about it? Thankfully, there are a few easy things that you can do to potentially get rid of these pests for good. Follow these tips to ensure that you have success with removing those mice on your own.

Seal All The Gaps

The first thing that you will want to do is find the place where mice are getting into your home. You may be surprised that a mouse can fit through a hole as small as a pencil, so make sure you do a thorough job looking around your home's exterior for these tiny holes.

Once you find an entry point, you'll want to stuff the hole with a wire mesh so that the mice are unable to chew through the material. You can then seal over these holes with caulk so that it looks nice on the outside of your home. 

You may also want to swap out the sweeps under your doors for a more sturdy material. There are special sweeps that are made out of a thicker material that will prevent mice from chewing through those as well. 

Place Poison Bait Stations

You'll want to figure out areas of your home where you have mice activity. This is going to be difficult with setting snap traps up because you'll only catch one mouse at a time. The best way to track activity is with a poison bait station. 

Place these poison bait stations throughout your home in areas where the mice could be getting into, such as crawl spaces, under cabinets, the attic, and the garage. Leave the bait stations alone for a few days and then open them up to see the activity. You'll be able to tell from the poison if it is a heavy traffic area for mice or if there is no activity at all.

Use Snap Traps

Now that you know where the mice travel, you can really start catching them with snap traps. They are a quick and effective way to catch mice so that you can remove the bodies from your home. It's best to put out bait without setting the snap trap for a few days since mice will be cautious of new items in their traveling path. Once you notice they are eating the bait, start loading the snap trap so that it will go off when the bait is eaten. It may take a while, but you'll eventually catch all of the mice that are trapped in your home, and they'll be gone for good. 

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