Keeping Fleas From Infesting Your Home

If you are a pet owner, you have most likely thought about the prospect of having your cat or dog contract fleas, especially if they spend time outdoors. A flea infestation inside of your home is uncomfortable for pets and people. Here are steps to take to prevent these pests from becoming a problem, and how to eradicate them if they do happen to get inside your home.

Contact A Pest Control Service 

Call a pest control service to evaluate the interior of your home for the presence of fleas and to treat your living space. Whether fleas have already made their way inside or if you simply want to take a precautionary step in treating your home so they do not become problematic in the future, a pest control service uses the right agents to keep these pests away. Make sure to have a safe location for pets and children away from your home during treatment, as it usually involves the use of a chemical agent in a mist form. 

Use Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance comprised of the skeletal remains of small sea creatures. It resembles a fine powder, which when sprinkled upon carpets and floors, does a fine job of eradicating fleas and other insects that make their way inside of your home. Make sure to use food-grade diatomaceous earth so pets and people are kept safe during application. This fine powder can cause breathing troubles during the sprinkling process, so wear a respirator when applying it to your floors or your pet's bedding. Allow it to sit in place for a few hours and then vacuum the powder. The sharp edges on the pieces pierce the exoskeletons of fleas. The powder also causes the drying of pests.

Treat Your Outdoor Spaces

When your pet spends time outdoors, it is likely to bring fleas inside of your home if you do not take the time to treat your property. A pest control service uses professional-grade agents to kill off fleas, ticks, and other nuisance pests. Ask the pest control service you hire about the frequency of application to keep fleas from reemerging during the spring, summer, and fall months. You may need a few treatments to keep fleas away. Make sure to keep on top of regular lawn trimming sessions to aid in keeping insects from easily jumping toward your pet when they spend time outdoors.

To find out more, contact pest control services. 

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