Pest Control Services You Could Need When Mosquitoes Invade Your House

Mosquitoes can sometimes invade your home and become a big problem. It's bad enough when mosquitoes take over your yard, but having them in your home is even worse. You don't want to be covered in mosquito bites since the pests spread diseases, and you probably don't want to spray insecticide all over your house or wear repellent constantly. Call an exterminator for help. Here are some pest control services they can provide.

Spray Your Yard For Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can often be controlled outdoors by spraying your yard. The spray is usually applied in shady areas, so if there are shady areas around your home, the pest control company may spray around the perimeter of any plants to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard. This may keep them from coming inside.

You may need treatments every few weeks to keep mosquitoes away all summer. The spray has a residual effect and isn't affected by rain. Reducing the number of mosquitoes in your yard may eventually allow the mosquitoes inside to die off, especially if you figure out why and how the mosquitoes are getting indoors.

Provide Exclusion Services

The pest control service may look for ways the mosquitoes are getting inside. Once a few mosquitoes are inside, they can multiply by laying eggs in your pet's water bowl or other sources of water. Blocking mosquitoes from coming in is an important step in keeping the biting pests out of your house. The exterminator may caulk holes, seal holes in screens, and block other entry points for mosquitoes.

Doing this also keeps out other bugs and rodents. You can even undertake this job yourself, especially when it comes to screens. Holes can be covered until you have time to replace the screens. If you like to open your windows in mosquito season, make sure there are no ways for the bugs to get through the screens or around the windows.

Offer Suggestions For Mosquito Control

The pest control service may not recommend spraying indoors for mosquitoes. Instead, they might advise putting mosquito netting over your beds and using repellents as necessary for protection until the infestation is over. Be diligent about pouring out standing water so the pests have no place to breed, and the indoor infestation will eventually die off.

However, if you have a water leak, it should be tracked down and repaired. If your attic is holding water from a roof leak, your attic could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If there's a leak in your house, you may need to call a roofer or plumber for help.

Contact a pest control service to learn more. 

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