Little Black Ants Driving You Crazy? What To Do To Get Rid Of Them

Those little black ants are one of the most common household ants to have in your home. This may not make you feel better though about having them in your home. These pests forage for food and travel in large colonies. They are usually most common during the warmer months, but you may have them in your home in other months throughout the year as well, especially if you have had them since the last summer without getting rid of them. If you have these ants in your home, they can be difficult to get rid of. Read on for information to help you.

Know There's More Than Just One

Again, these ants are coming into your home with their entire colony. There isn't going to be just one or two. If you have seen only one or two, know that there are going to be others and you need to find them to get rid of them. These pests are most likely going to be crawling around in an area unseen, which is what makes it so difficult, not to mention they're tiny and they can sometimes be hard to see and blend in with other things in your home. Just because you kill one ant doesn't mean you're rid of the problem, there are others too.

Search Your Home Thoroughly

To help you find where these ants are in your home, you're going to need to search your home thoroughly. Look through your pantry, cabinets, beneath the sink, and in dark areas of your home as well, such as your basement and crawl space. Ants may be nesting in these darkened areas and then coming out to forage for food. These pests are very sneaky and will do their best to remain hidden to stay alive.

Spray Wherever You've Seen Ants

Anywhere you've seen the ants in your home, you should spray with a pesticide or with a homemade natural spray to kill the ants. Spray wherever you think they are nesting, around wherever you think they are coming inside, and anywhere else you've seen these ants. You can find pesticide spray at hardware stores or other big box stores, and you can make a homemade spray using vinegar and dish soap, along with water. You can use this type of spray on your counters and in other food preparation areas where you may have seen ants.

If you have little black ants in your home, they can make you crazy, as they're quick, sneaky, and can be found anywhere in your home. Get rid of these pests using the information above, and get in contact with an ant control exterminator to help you get rid of these pests as well.

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